Rural PV Solar Parks

Monitoring and Control

Solar energy has been growing strongly in recent years, due to rapid technological developments in Photovoltaic (PV) panels and batteries. PV arrangements for rural areas brought new challenges, particularly in what concerns to online monitoring and control of equipment and production in remote areas. Nowadays Rural PV Parks still have no such monitoring and control systems, which significantly increases the risk of power outages and limits the quality of the service offered.

Eneida has developed an innovative and robust solution to remotely
monitor and control both performance and condition of Rural PV Parks.

The Eneida’s Rural PV Solar Parks solution

It is based on the smart device EWS GIP-rg, with aquisition, processment and communication capabilities, that works as the core of a modular and integrated system.

By default the EWS GIP-rg is able to acquire, log and process data coming from PV panels or string groups as well as from PV inverters, thus allowing for a very detailed monitoring of the asset. The EWS GIP-rg is also a Wireless Sensor Network gateway that allows the integration with other monitoring and control modules in order to enrich the capabilities of the system as a whole. Finally, it also supports communications via GPRS and GSM, making it ideal for integration with remote systems and software.

Monitoring and Control Extensions

The EWS GIP-rg, being a wireless smart device able to communicate within a WSN over the ISM 433MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz band, has the flexibility to increase the number of monitored parameters (such as humidity, temperature, sunlight, etc), as well as its control functionalities, with very low implementation costs. This is done by adding extra sensors and actuators that easily integrate with the EWS GIP-rg.

Theft and damage detection is an important example of a monitoring extension to the GIP-rg.

Integration with Third-party Software

The EWS GIP-rg communicates over GRPS using the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and is prepared to interact with REST APIs. This makes its integration with third-party softwares as easy as possible.


  • Remote and real-time energy balance evaluation;

  • Remote and real-time energy balance evaluation;

  • Assets Condition Monitoring in a Predictive Maintenance framework;

  • Increased equipment lifetime;

  • Prevention of power outages and better QoS;


  • Instantaneous theft or fraud detection;

  • Lower costs on monitoring and control systems deployment and operation;

  • Higher efficiency on the parks maintenance;

  • Reduction of investment and operational costs;

  • Higher performance on energy production and delivery.


A smart device for continuous and remote monitoring and control of PV Stations in Rural PV Solar Parks.

This device is easy to install and operate and its robustness makes it ideal for use in remote or aggressive environments. It also offers extra flexibility at a reduced cost, since it allows the addition of new sensing capabilities to the system, in a modular way.

  • Acquisition and processment capabilities;

  • 4 Digital Inputs and 4 Digital Outputs;

  • 2 Analog Input: one for current (through CT), and one for voltage signals (0 to +62Vdc);

  • SD memory card, that is used for logging events;

  • Remote configuration of data sampling and transmission rates, as well as data formatting and validation;

  • GPRS/GSM/RS-232/RS-485 communication interfaces;

  • Smart WSN gateway with ISM sub-GHz and Modbus RTU communication protocols.


A smart and compact device for theft and fraud detection.

This is a small and robust smart conductivity sensor, easy to install, ideal for use in demanding, remote and harsh environments. It allows for the detection of power shutdown and short-circuit, thus detecting and communicating intrusions and potential robberies in critical facilities, such as Photovoltaic Power Stations. The collected information is handled internally and transmitted over sub-GHz.

  • Extra flexibility and reduced cost, for it is a component of a modular system;

  • Easy to install and operate;

  • Complete device sealing IP66 rated;

  • Low power consumption;

  • Internal processing capabilities.

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