DeepGrid® Security

Electric Grid Theft Monitoring System

Being located close to energy end-users, Secondary Distribution Substations (SDS) exist in large numbers, spreading throughout the territory. In order to prevent the theft of equipment in SDS that affects electrical utilities across the world, it is urgent to be able to monitor the equipment, remotely and in real-time.

Eneida’s DeepGrid® Security is the perfect solution for assets surveillance in SDS.

It is a ready-to-use vertical solution, from smart sensors to frontend software, that provides an online and real-time monitoring of intrusion and theft  activities.

Smart device and Events Detection

The full package DeepGrid®Security includes the Eneida’s field unity EWS DTP-g.

  • Energy back-up (7 Minutes minimum);

  • GSM/GPRS communication;

  • Up to 3 Position Sensors;

  • Energy cable cut-off detection;

  • Easy to install and operate;

  • Complete device sealing, IP66 rated;

  • Built to endure in harsh environments, IK08 rated.


The full package DeepGrid® Security also includes a web application that enables users to visualize and manage the entire system from any web browser in any computer or mobile device.


  • Intuitive dashboard with geographic representation of events, offering a global vision of the system;

  • Notification of theft events in real-time, visually and with sound alerts;

  • Search and filter functionalities to improve usability.

  • Easily manage events, from creation to final resolution;

  • Add user feedback and relevant information about the event;

  • Send email with event information to interested parties;

  • Consult historical data, apply filters and get new insights about the problem: most affected areas, event types that occur the most, etc;

  • Consult individual events resolution history, including the users feedback at each resolution step.

Events Management

Assets Management

  • Register new assets;

  • Associate devices to assets;

  • Follow assets condition;

  • Consult asset events history;

  • Manage assets information;

  • Plan maintenance interventions.

  • Register new devices and manage their information;

  • Remote configuration by SMS;

  • Associate device with an asset;

  • Describe the physical installation;

  • Consult actual state of each sensor;

  • Consult historical sensor data and device states.

Devices Management

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