Eneida is an innovative SME, founded in 2012 in Coimbra (Portugal), and with strong relationship with its University Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science Depts.

As a spin-off from a Portuguese engineering company, before its foundation Eneida was, for over 6 years, an R&D department in its mother company, specialized in the development of industrial smart sensors and wireless networks.


Eneida’s mission is to help Electric Utilities increase their Assets Productivity, Efficiency and QoS.

For that we have developed an innovative platform that is able to make ever better recommendations about the condition of the assets.

This platform combines Eneida`s Smart Sensors Networks with Machine Learning and uses a Collaborative approach, where feedback and learning loops are used to continuously improve the quality of future recommendations.  This is a complete new approach to the Energy Sector that allows assets optimization to be done in a much more efficient and simple way.

With this, Eneida’s vision is to be a prime IIoT player for the Energy sector, supplying actionable data and a collaborative platform, and specialized in remote and online Asset Productivity Optimization for the Energy Sector. The World needs to do better with less.